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8:27 PM Erin Archuleta 0 Comments Category : ,

I find myself in a total rut. I'm generally pretty hyper and prolific, but every once-in-a-while, especially when I think things are steadying themselves out, I'm forced into change.

I appeal to the dog for an answer. She just gives me this look:

I suppose I wouldn't normally ask her advice, inclination to follow her best instincts be darned, she's just not that great at taxes or the other regular quandaries of my business life. But, admit it: She's awfully cute. 

Then, I turn to the records of my youth. PJ Harvey doesn't really have the answers. My horoscope always seems cryptically smug (see: Cancer). And, getting in the car for a drive at $3.25/gallon is less and less appealing these days. 

So, I'm taking a new approach to problem solving; standing still. It seems it's time to really start listening. 

And, maybe using OmWriter more often.