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2010, I hardly knew ye

11:17 AM Erin Archuleta 0 Comments Category : , , , ,

End of the year obsessions (with little relevance to one another):

This giant sugar castle at the SF St. Francis (and how scary/fun it is to ride the glass elevators {GoCityKids has the deets} to the top of the hotel) *Thanks to the fabulous Kristen for the great idea!

That we've made the Oval Office a souvenir experience, (and my sparkly Tom's shoes)

DC Metro stations looking like the upcoming Tron: Legacy set

Ippudo in NYC *Thanks to Yosh! (Yosh's perfumes are a perennial obsession)

I really meant it about those Tom's Shoes, and of course ipod-ing it around with the new Cee Lo album.

Encantada Gallery in SF & this installation at my favorite bathhouse, Kabuki Springs

& Of course... 

Buying our own little sushi bar, ICHI Sushi! (Matt B., whoever you are, your review still makes us all giggle and blush!) 

Keepin' on keeping on with all our Bernal neighbors at 331 Cortland with our ICHI Lucky Cat Deli 

Let's see what the upcoming Year of the Rabbit holds for us in 2011.