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A heartfelt and happy tear-filled reaction to DOMA this morning

11:02 AM Erin Archuleta 4 Comments Category :

A huge step for equality this morning. I am grateful to be in San Francisco during Pride Weekend to celebrate.

When Tim and I got married, everyone was able to be married in SF — I remember the lines of folks in their 50s, 60s, even older and even younger who had been partnered up for years, and who were able to make their love a legal and binding contract that would entitle one another to the same rights Tim and I were signing up for — the right to be with one another in times of crisis at a hospital, the right to share healthcare access as a married couple, property rights, the whole kit and caboodle, really —when deciding to commit on that level. There were folks in matching Aloha shirts; Vera Wang dresses; jeans and button down shirts; leis; bouquets; boutonnieres; but, mostly there were just tears of joy all around us. While in line for our marriage license, the City Hall workers asked if we also wanted to be married on the spot. Since I could picture my parents' disappointment if we sealed the deal before the big event at the chapel in the Presidio, we held off, but in that moment, we were held in complete love. I never felt more proud of my city, and once Prop 8 took hold, it cheapened that feeling. It cheapened my marriage. 

Thank you, SCOTUS, for doing what is right today. This overturn enriches all our marriage licenses and ceremonies. Let the weddings begin! Let the embarrassing toasts by college roommates; the matching dresses; the party buses; the five-tier cakes; but most importantly, let the right to the big, crazy party stand equal and the lasting commitment that is bound in all those memories stand proud.