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Year of the Horse

10:59 PM Erin Archuleta 2 Comments Category :

2014 brought many things for many of my friends and family:

For my friend Daniel, it brought about the loss of his dear friend James Foley, who was killed in Syria on August 19th. He wrote a poem that I get glimpses of regularly as I go about my day — true love. True friendship. True brotherhood. In the Absence of Sparrows.  Published by the venerable Academy of American Poets.

For my sister, it meant a wedding. A raucous, wonderful joining of two of the kindest and best people I know. Congratulations to Mariposa and Corey, I'm excited for your next adventures!

We made an awesome experimental beer with our dear friends Jesse and Damian at Almanac Beer Co. — ICHIBIER! It was such a fun chance to collaborate! 

I went to Eat Retreat and I remembered all the things that were true to me about food and people. Everything rooted in will and goodness. I brought back the maxim "Food Creates Family." And, a ton of wonderful friends from what felt like the best summer camp on earth. I learned and tasted so much. I got to know people of kindness and substance. I'm better for having participated.

My dear friend Tess got married to her love Colin in Cazadero at her family home. It was the sweetest of evenings. And, the best oysters and wine. It's been an honor to celebrate them on their journey.

Our BFF Isaac Fitzgerald made the book Pen & Ink with his BFF Wendy MacNaughton. It's the definitive guide to why ink up and the story of tattoos.

I was part of the start-up team for our neighborhood merchants association. And our little restaurant won a Small Business Week Award from the Mayor!

We participated in Indie Chefs Week in SoCal. It was a blast. So many different perspectives on cooking. So many techniques. And, of course, so much talent. We were lucky enough to cook in our dear friend Carlos' kitchen at Taco MarĂ­a, and spend the weekend with our bestie Emilie.

And, we had such a great time, that we signed up for the next Indie Chefs Week in Austin. I finally got a chance to see James McMurtry live and eat Frito Pie. Pretty complete. 30 Chefs. 1 kitchen. An incredible week. Huge thanks to the good folks at Foreign & Domestic for creating such a convening and hosting us in such a special restaurant.

I returned to my alma mater, Western Michigan University, and humbly received an Alumni Achievement Award. As a bonus, I saw my college roommate Nancy, my cousin, a host of influential mentors, and a dear friend and former professor, Lyda. Ever an inspiration.

In a world where people touch-up selfies, this was one of my favorite photos of the year — untouched. A true moment. A big belly laugh. My bestie Brea on her wedding day. Only closest family and a couple of dear friends were in attendance. I love that she and Laura and I can still laugh like we're teenagers (even though some of us have teenagers!) 

Man, I knew nothing until I held my new niece. Five weeks old. Holding someone that sweet, that true. I cried. I'm crying again writing about crying then. I'm so happy for my brother Adam and my sister-in-law Amy. Little Annabelle is the sweetest girl I know. (Sorry, Mom, you still just get the dog and cat from us.) 

I challenged myself to start running again. Two 5Ks under my belt and a 10K coming soon. Thank you, New Order and Lil Wayne for somehow working the same magic when I just don't think I have that last mile in me. 

My bestie Andre, a music writer and dear friend, alerted me that Faith No More were playing an Amoeba show. It was the best 20 minutes I've had in a long time. 

And, rounding out the lunar year, here I am celebrating with Elsa and Maya. I was at the Gotham Club, where SF Giants and their families hang out. A special honor. A special night, and then I had the chance to head to Liholiho Yacht Club, to celebrate our dear friends' opening! So much aloha to be had. 

This lunar new year is my year — Year of the Ram. (Mary & Josh — I always think of you love bugs when I hear this one.) Let's see all the good to come, 2015.  



  1. Erin so glad to hear that you and Tim continue to keep it ra ! I'm Ichi ing to get back to San Francisco and wish it didn't take me so long to save up my pennies. Have a positively baaaaa d ass year of the goat. Susan Fitzgerald

  2. Susan, it would be a treat to see you!!