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One vote supports Sub-Saharan African orphans

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I've nominated one of my dearest friends Michelle Averna and her nonprofit Fount of Mercy for a GOOD Maker/Oxfam Award.

Please consider casting a vote for her here: http://oxfamamerica.maker.good.is/projects/FountofMercy

A little background: 
Fount of Mercy was  founded in 2006. In its six years, this nonprofit organization has built indigenous Sub-Saharan African organizations’ capacity to provide educational opportunities for orphans and vulnerable children, and vocational opportunities for caregivers in their communities.

What $1,000 would do for Fount: 
Generous support from Oxfam would enable Fount of Mercy to launch their Women’s Public Health three-prong cycle. The first cycle provides an environment where participants can ask questions about their own health, learn new facts, and demonstrate their learning. The second creates a safe space where small groups of women discuss issues of womanhood and will access empowering knowledge. The final cycle identifies potential leaders, offering mentorship and support to become the future health educators of their communities. With this gift Fount of Mercy will implement their full Women's Public Health cycle with three local Ugandan organizations. Fount will hire and train a local part-time Community Health Initiative Program Associate.

Thanks for considering and clicking on. 

PS: Voting closes Thursday, March 29th at 12:00PM PDT.