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Three days before autumn

9:10 AM Erin Archuleta 4 Comments Category :

With school back in session and summer vacations becoming memory, morning rituals capturing that early morning sun (or fog) are more important than ever to get us moving forward into the day. A Twitter post and blog post by author of The Second Lunch, referencing a blog post by Tea and Cookies, got me reflecting on my own morning habits. So meta, as I have this cup of tea...

Now that I'm a student again, I've had to carve a serious routine to make my days feel structured —green tea in the morning. While waiting for the kettle, I feed the cat and dog. Once tea is ready (two bags at once in a really large silly mug), grab my over sweater and the dog leash — we're off.

Each morning we take a new route, and each morning I challenge myself to see my neighborhood in a new light. Here, a neighbor's garden with the last hurrah for her rose bush;

the local party supply store after a big sale the weekend before, balloons holding their breath;

a California home reminding me of my Midwestern roots (and the flag in the window reminding me with a symbolic gesture to make sure my voter registration is up to date); 

these images in the fog or sun shift. The quality of light each morning illuminates different shadows, paint colors, the harried race to get to work on time, or retirees checking to make sure they're not in a street cleaning parking space. I transit through the morning routines of others with Thea Bear happily on her leash sniffing it all in. These habits all capturing whatever I can take in before the email and calls begin, and each morning, trying to remember to hold on to as much daylight as I can. With fall coming, twilight starts a bit earlier each day.



  1. Love those last roses hanging on!

    The sunset has been coming shortly before 7pm here in the past few days, but I think it means that I've been actually cherishing the light instead of taking it for granted as I do in the summertime.

  2. This is lovely! Hope your classes are going well.

  3. Sam, I think that may be true here, too! I'm thinking those 5 PM sunset days are not too far off...

  4. Thanks, Risa. It's been humbling and great!